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Treasure Coast Jazz Society

Bill Allred Classic Jazz Band


Saturday, March 9th at 12:30 pm

Performing for over 25 years, Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band started in Orlando, Florida in 1990 with a group of former musicians of Walt Disney World and Rosie O'Grady's.  They started essentially as a "kicks" band, collecting and playing the arrangements of Matty Matlock and Billy Maxted.  After performing at a few jazz festivals, they realized that there was a real market for their "little big band" type of sound.  That was over 25 years and 14 recordings ago.

Going to a Classic Jazz Band Set is much like attending a symposium on the history of jazz.  You are apt to hear anything from Jelly Roll Morton to Count Basie and all the stops in between.  The Band uses the five-horn front line typical of such bands as those of Matty Matlock, Billy Maxted and Red Nichols, as well as the world's greatest jazz band.